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Colour Torch

  • A COLOURED revolution in outdoor lighting Simply unscrew the cap and light the wick ... it's done!

    • Last up to 5 hours
    • Citronella diffuser included 
    • Wind resistant
    • Stable flame
    • Does not smoke
    • Does not smell
    • Wind resistant
    • 3 colours available Green, Orange and Red
    • Non-flammable
    • Available in 300ml recyclable can
    • The "COLOR-TORCH" incorporates wick and fuel, for an all-in-one product!

    Color flames can animate the gardens and transform gentle summer evenings into real parties! After long years of testing and research, this unique formula has created a range of fascinating flames. Reds, Oranges and even Green, a magical and unexpected effect that gives an entrancing warm spectacle.

    The flame remains perfectly stable, even wind resistant and respectful of the environment. It does not emit any smell or smoke and lasts more than 5 hours.

    Even better - Evenings without insects or mosquitoes! Moisten the scented ring on top of the COLOR-TORCH and the heat of it will diffuse the Citronella & Geraniol perfume and keep them at bay.

    Whether planting in the garden or simply sitting on a table, Color Torches are the perfect accessory to liven up an event or prolong a dinner at nightfall, as supplementary lighting on a terrace or a balcony, or to create a nice outside decoration in the garden.

  • Warning:  Place on a stable level, heat resistant surface away from draughts and combustible materials Not wood, plastic or any material that may mark with heat.Keep out of reach of children and animals  

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