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Buying Your Stove

Choosing Your Stove

Did you know that there are over 200 brands and thousands of models, of woodburning stove on the UK market, from every corner of the planet?

Rather than offer stoves of all levels of quality from every one of those manufacturers - as some in this field try to do - we prefer to offer stoves from a modest selection of manufacturers. This means that we are familiar with the stoves; we can stock the most commonly requested spares for those stoves, and in the very rare event of an after-sales problem with a stove, we are dealing with manufacturers who are as committed to customer satisfaction as we are ourselves.

Many potential customers seem determined to buy a stove which is far too powerful for their needs - because a big stove will look "right" in their fireplace - blissfully unaware of the huge volumes of smoke, the sticky mess inside the stove and chimney, the horrendous atmospheric pollution, and the chimney fire risk, of burning a big, powerful, stove well below its specified output.


Others try to buy a tiny stove to fit their existing small fireplace opening, again, unaware that you need space around the stove for the heat to circulate and warm the room.

Looking for inspiration? Click here to see some examples of our previous work

Chooing Your Stove
Showroom Visit

Visiting our Showroom

We would recommend visiting our showroom, so we can discuss suitable models of stoves and what work is required to install your stove.

If you can bring with you:-

  • Dimensions of your room

  • A picture and dimensions of the current fireplace

  • A picture of the house from outside

and if you've seen a fireplace design you like, bring that along too.

We will talk you through what output is required and suitable stove models that will fit the bill.  We have samples of hearths and beams and examples of previous work we have completed to give you ideas and inspiration.

Home Visit

Once you've picked your stove and design for your new fireplace, this is time for one of our installers to visit your property and finalise details.


If you're having other work done, we can liaise with architect, builders and designers.

We will then send you our fully itemised quotation.

Home VIsit

Installation Day

Depending on the work involved this will vary but typically for a stove and flue liner installation this will take one day for a full fireplace remodel this can take 2-4 days.

Opening out a chimney breast is a messy job but we cover everything that can't be removed from the room with dust sheets and tidy up at the end of each day. 

We light the fire with the free kiln dried logs supplied with every installation and talk you through how to use your new stove.

After each installation every customer also gets a free copy of our unique Beginners Guide, packed with useful information on such as:- step-by-step instructions on how to light a fire; when and how to adjust the air controls; how to clean the stove and door glass, how to dispose of ash without filling the room with dust,  what fuels to burn and what not to burn, and lots more, plus a list of the most commonly reported "problems" users encounter, with an even bigger list of solutions to those "problems".

Installation Day

That's it, your new stove is ready to heat your home for years to come!

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