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  • What can stoves burn?
    Most stoves we sell are multifuel, this means they can burn either wood or smokeless fuel. Woodburning only stoves will have a flat base and no grate. Multifuel stoves will have a grate and an ash pan underneath for easy removal of any ash. The air for burning wood is usually controlled at the top of the stove and smokeless coal towards the bottom. Many manufacturers have gas stoves within their range, these can be connected to mains or LPG gas. As an added convenience they can have the option of a remote control.
  • Are wood burning and multifuel stoves being banned?
    No. There are no proposals or legislations to support this idea.
  • What is Ecodesign 2022 Legislation?
    A Government backed and European-wide programme designed to lower emissions and improve the UK's air quality. The Ecodesign regulations will set new efficiency requirements for all stoves. Only stoves that have been tested and approved will be sold and installed within the UK after 2022.
  • What is different about an Ecodesign Ready Stove?
    An incredibly efficient and economic new design. Benefitting from at least 80% efficency which means you'll be saving on fuel and helping improve our air quality at the same time! our Ecodesign models will have the same superior performance and stunning exteriors to perfectly match your home.
  • If I purchase a non-eco design stove or have an existing stove in place will this have to be replaced?
    No. The new legislation will only apply to new stoves on the market after 1st January 2022. This means you can keep your current stove without having to worry. If you ever need to replace your applicance in the future after 2022, this will then need to complete with Ecodesign.
  • What is best to burn on my new wood burning or multifuel stove?
    We would always recommend Kiln dried logs approved under Woodsure's "Read to Burn" logs, these logs have been tested and passed to be able to burn straight away on your stove, without the need for seasoning or extra drying time. They have a low moisture content so will give you more heat. If you are seasoning your own logs a moisture meter is essential to test them. For a multifuel stove you can also burn smokeless coal. You can find an approved list of fuels on the HETAS website. Petroleum coke is not classed as a smokeless coala nd must not be burnt on a stove. It is not recommended to slumber a stove with smokeless coal as the chemicals cannot be burned off, this can lead to fogging of the door glass and corrosion of the metal flue liner.
  • When is the best time to buy a stove?
    The heating season usually runs from September to March and lead times can be anything up to 6-8 weeks from ordering, especially if the weather is cold. If you are remodelling the chimney breast and wanting to redecorate afterwards, over the Summer months is best, lead time on stoves are minimal and you can be ready for the Summer buy offers on logs and kindling.
what can stoves burn

Frequently Asked Questions

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